the secrets of

a healthy,

happy yoni!

With Yoni Egg Works you’ll awaken your sensuality, increase your libido, release trauma, and become much more orgasmic!

  • Since I start using Yoni Eggs I feel so much more connected to my sexuality. It is my new best friend!

    A Happy Client
  • Yoni Eggs are one of those Best Kept Secrets

    Working with Yoni Eggs is a great way to connect on a deeper level with your sexuality, to increase your sensitivity and to give you control over vaginal muscles you probably did not even know you had. And this will totally change your (and your partner’s) experience of lovemaking. Also, it has amazing benefits for woman’s health and can be a wonderful way to heal pain during sex or trauma.

    For a long time, this secret practise was only available for a few chosen ones dedicating their lives to study Taoist Sexual Arts.

    Now it is time to reveil this secret to the world!

    Best Kept Secret
  • "Mijn Yoni Egg workshop met Brechtje heeft zoveel veranderd in hoe ik mijn lichaam en mijn yoni ervaar. Na elke les voelde ik me zo ontspannen, open en zacht van binnenuit. Ik merk veel meer balans in mijn cyclus en ik heb veel minder PMS. Het is iets wat elke vrouw zou moeten ervaren!”

    CorinneMontréal, Canada
  • Corinne

    "Voor mij is er een wereld opengegaan sinds ik ben begonnen met Yoni Egg oefeningen. Ik kom soms in een staat van ontspanning waarbij ik ook heel veel genot voel. Ik weet niet altijd hoe ik daar kom, maar ik weet wel dat ik sinds ik dat ervaren heb, een fan ben!"

    JocelineZürich, Zwitserland
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  • I absolutely love working with the Yoni Egg! Since I started, I feel so much more sensual and alive. My partner notices it too :-)

    Lisa Brook, USA
  • Lisa Brook, USA

    Yoni Egg changed my life. It helped me to heal old trauma's

    Naomi vd Veen, Netherlands
  • Naomi vd Veen, Netherlands

    Meet Your Egg was the best start of my daily practise. I learned a lot and have other woman supporting me, while I can practise when and where I want

    Evelien ter Laar, Belgium