Yoni Egg Initiation Ritual

Yoni Egg Initiation Ritual

Yoni Egg Initiation Ritual

Yoni Eggs are one of those ‘best kept secrets’

This is an invitation to be initiated in the secrets of this sacred & powerful Yoni Egg practise

There is something very profound about sharing this initiation ritual in a group of woman. In Ancient China, the courtisanes of the Royal Palace came together to share their secrets of Taoist Sexual Arts. They practised with with eggs carved out of jade to awaken their sensuality, access their sexual power, and maintain vitality and health.

These days, more and more woman discover the amazing benefits of Yoni Eggs. In this 1 – Day workshop I will guide you in a sacred, honoring and gentle way how to work safely and effective with your Yoni Egg.

Would you like to:

  • Connect on a deeper level with your sexuality and pleasure?
  • Increase the sensitivity of your vagina and control over your vaginal muscles?
  • Balance your hormones, and reduce PMS and other menstrual problems?
  • Heal pain during sex, unprocessed emotions or trauma?
  • Feel more passionate, sensual and give your libido a natural boost?
  • Increase your vitality, creativity, self-love and confidence?
  • Open up to your multi-orgasmic nature?

Then this is the right workshop for you! This 1 – Day workshop includes Sexual Vitality Qigong, dance and a guided meditation – to connect with your body as a preparation for the Yoni Egg practise. You’ll learn the Taoist Breast Massage technique, and learn how to work with your Yoni Egg in a way that you can continue with your own practise at home.

Upcoming Workshops:

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EUR 165 – this includes a genuine Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg (sales price EUR 55)

If you already have a Yoni Egg, price is EUR 129