• About me

    About me

    I am passionate about Tantra. It totally changed my life.

    For most of my life, I felt very disconnected. I always felt a sense of emptiness, as a grey cloud covering almost all my experiences. I worked really hard, to be successful and to be loved. As I thought that was key to happiness.

    I graduated Cum Laude. I travelled around the world. I worked as Business consultant and became CEO of my own medical start-up company. Oh, and I also tried to be a good friend, compassionate sister, perfect daughter, great lover and beautiful partner. All at the same time.

    It did not bring my closer to feeling happy.

    To the contrary – the harder I tried, the less happy I felt. After burning out at 28 and recovering from depression, I began my journey of therapy, self-healing and spiritual awakening. I felt a deep longing for more depth, sacredness and spirituality in my daily life.

    My quest brought me to India, Nepal, Bali and Thailand. I went to ashrams, monasteries, did 10-day silent Vipassana meditations, and I tried it all. I met wise and special people, and came to very special and sacred places.

And I realised – wherever you go, you take yourself with you. You can also feel unhappy on a tropical paradise destination. You really have to do the work. And I did. Meditation helped me to find stillness in myself. Yoga learned me to reconnect with my body. Psychotherapy gave me a lot of insights. But it was Tantra that brought back the sparkle in my eyes.

Tantra brought back the sparkle in my eyes and made me fall in love with life itself.

I travelled to Asia where I studied extensively with my teachers Minke de Vos and Shashi Solluna. They introduced me in the powerful teachings of Tao Tantric Arts. And this is where I found the sense of coming home. Tantra helped me to recognise of the sacredness of my own being.

Next to studying with my teachers, I did a lot of trainings. And now I love to share all I’ve learned with you.

  • Sacred Femininity | Teacher Training | Tao Tantric Arts | Thailand |2016
  • Divine Alchemy |Tao Tantric Arts | Bali | 2016
  • Taoist Priestess | Tao Tantric Arts | Bali | 2016
  • Thai Massage | Several Trainings since 2015
  • Haptotherapist education | The Netherlands | 2016
  • Tantra Massage | Professional  Training | John Hawken | Thailand | 2017
  • Chi Nei Tsang | Practitioner Training | Valerie Parisius | 2018
  • Pelvic Floor Bodywork | Practitioner Training | Martin Bedouin | 2018
  • Therapeutic Breathwork and Trauma Release | Training | 2018
  • Dark Eros | workshop | John Hawken | Czech Republic | 2018
  • International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) | Level 1 | New Zealand | 2019
  • I believe in

    All Wisdom Lies Within

    I believe in self-empowerment. I believe in you. All wisdom lies within you, all we need sometimes is someone to help you remember, and to show you the way to find yourself again. I love to teach you some practical tools and proven techniques to help you in this process.
  • How I Work

    Authentic + Compassionate

    I share my work in workshops, retreats and private bodywork sessions. My core values are authenticity, respect, openness and compassion. I am not a healer. You are already complete, and nothing needs to be healed or fixed. I am here to remind you who you truly are, and to help you move beyond the masks, fears and doubts.
  • I offer

    Tools to Find Your Way

    Feeling safe, seen, connected and loved - and at the same time developing our authenticity, freedom and expression is a life's journey. Sexuality is interwoven with all these elements. I love to work with you on this area of your life's journey, and give you useful tools to find your way.

Verbind met mij

  • Brechtje is zo zorgzaam en ervaren. Ze creëert een ruimte waarin ik volledig kon ontspannen en vertrouwen, dat wat er ook zou gebeuren - het is welkom en het is ok. Vanaf het allereerste moment had ik het gevoel in goede handen te zijn. Ik kan werken met Brechtje alleen maar aanbevelen!

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